Welcome to CRAWL Martial Arts Programming!

The CRAWL Program’s mission is to empower 2-4 year old students by instilling skills and core values through martial arts in a safe and fun environment. Our lesson plans, class structure, goal charts, and other materials are all geared towards this mission. The CRAWL Level 1 Package is designed to equip academies with the tools needed to run a successful, impactful, and engaging parent & toddler program

Purchase of the Level 1 Package includes:

  • CRAWL Mission & Classroom Implementation (6 pages)
    • Gain valuable insights into effective teaching and classroom management while instilling important life skills in the next generation.
  • Curriculum Instructional Videos + Staff Training Video Access
    • Prepare & support your instructor(s) with access to our video course on www.americanjudo.com. Enhance the learning experience for both students and staff! 
  • 2 Cycles of  Level 1 Curriculum (20 pages)
    • Unlock lesson plans designed to engage toddlers and parents while instilling important values. Each class is broken down by sections. The Level 1 exercises & techniques within each section have a corresponding video available for instructor reference.
  • Goal Chart (2 pages)
    • Track progress and celebrate achievements with our goal chart, fostering a sense of accomplishment and motivation among students.
    • Coloring Book (20 pages)
      • Share judo/jiu-jitsu themed coloring pages with students, featuring engaging illustrations inspired by our CRAWL curriculum themes.
    • Worksheets (2 pages)
      • Reinforce learning objectives and promote active engagement with worksheets tailored to enhance comprehension and retention of the curriculum.
      • Email & SMS Templates (5 templates)
        • Streamline communication with prospective and current students using our email templates, saving time and maintaining professionalism.
      • Instructor Weekly Planner (2 pages)
        • Stay organized and prepared with a brief weekly planner, aiding in smooth execution of each lesson. Jotting down notes and your to-do list ahead of time can go a long way!

      Invest in the future of your students, instructors, and business. Join us in fostering a community of growth, learning, and empowerment while growing the sport of judo!

      Upon purchase of your package, a curriculum booklet will be mailed to you. Our team will also share materials & create your CRAWL Judo video course access on American Judo.


      If you have any questions or are interested in our demo class & instructor training option, please email Sensei Casey at info@crawlmartialarts.com.


      The purchase of the Level 1 package is for (1) academy only. Please connect with us if you are an Associations or have multiple academy locations for more details.

       All intellectual property rights, including but not limited to text, videos, and digital downloads are owned by CRAWL Martial Arts, LLC. Users are strictly prohibited from reproducing, distributing, or otherwise sharing any content from this program with other parties without prior written permission from CRAWL Martial Arts, LLC.