Exciting News: Little Samurai by CRAWL at Six Blades Austin, Texas!

Exciting News: Little Samurai by CRAWL at Six Blades Austin, Texas!

Hey everyone,

In March 2024, our team went on an incredible trip to Austin, Texas, where we had the privilege of introducing CRAWL to Six Blades Austin, owned by none other than BJJ hall of famer, Xande Ribeiro. The experience was nothing short of amazing, and I'm thrilled to share the details with you.

Our mission was clear: bring the innovative CRAWL program to Six Blades and showcase its potential. To kick things off, we held an instructor class to educate the staff on what CRAWL is all about and how to seamlessly integrate it into their offerings. The enthusiasm and eagerness from Xande and his team were truly inspiring—they were ready to dive in and explore the possibilities.

Next up was the highlight—a free demo class open to the public. We capped participation at 12 spots, and to our delight, every single spot filled up quickly. The energy in the room was electric as participants of all ages and backgrounds experienced CRAWL firsthand.

But here's the best part: during the demo, a local family passing by couldn't resist peeking in. Intrigued by what they saw, they decided to join the class on the spot. By the end of the session, they were hooked. It was heartwarming to witness their excitement and immediate connection to the program.

And the excitement didn't stop there—following the demo, the entire family signed up for memberships! It was a testament to the appeal and effectiveness of CRAWL in bringing families together through martial arts.

As I reflect on this experience, I can't help but feel grateful for the warm reception and genuine interest we received in Austin. This journey has reaffirmed my passion for sharing CRAWL Martial Arts and its transformative power.

We're excited to return to Six Blades Austin in the future and witness firsthand how CRAWL continues to thrive within their community. Stay tuned for more updates on our expanding reach and upcoming events.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us. Together, let's keep spreading the joy of martial arts through CRAWL!

Best regards,

Casey Pedro, Founder
CRAWL Martial Arts
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